Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Real Instagram Comments on (FAQ)

  1. What is "buy real Instagram comments" and how does it work?

    • "Buy real Instagram comments" is a service that allows users to purchase genuine and authentic comments for their Instagram posts. It works by connecting users with real accounts that provide valuable engagement.
  2. Is a trustworthy platform for buying real Instagram comments?

    • Yes, is a reputable platform known for providing authentic Instagram engagement services, including real comments.
  3. Why would I consider buying real Instagram comments?

    • Purchasing real Instagram comments can enhance your post's credibility, attract more attention, and boost overall engagement on your account.
  4. Can buying real Instagram comments improve my account's visibility?

    • Yes, buying real Instagram comments can contribute to increased visibility by making your posts more likely to appear in users' feeds and explore pages.
  5. Is it legal to buy real Instagram comments from

    • Yes, buying real Instagram comments is legal, and ensures that the service complies with Instagram's policies.
  6. Do purchased comments come from real and active Instagram accounts?

    • Yes, provides comments from genuine and active Instagram accounts, ensuring authentic interaction with your content.
  7. How quickly will I see the effects of buying real Instagram comments?

    • The impact of purchased comments is typically visible within a short period, but the exact timeframe may vary based on factors like your content and audience.
  8. Can buying real Instagram comments lead to account suspension?

    • No,'s services are designed to be safe and compliant with Instagram's guidelines, minimizing the risk of account suspension.
  9. Are there different packages for buying real Instagram comments on

    • Yes, offers various packages with different quantities of real Instagram comments to suit your specific needs.
  10. How do I purchase real Instagram comments on

    • To buy real Instagram comments, select a package on, provide the necessary details, and complete the secure payment process.
  11. Will buying real Instagram comments increase my follower count?

    • While comments themselves may not directly increase followers, the engagement boost can attract more users, potentially leading to a growth in your follower count.
  12. Are there specific types of posts that benefit more from purchased comments?

    • Purchased comments can benefit any type of post, but they are particularly effective for promotional content, contests, and posts requiring increased interaction.
  13. Can I customize the comments when buying from

    • Yes, often allows users to customize comments to make them more relevant to their specific posts.
  14. Are the comments relevant to the content of my posts?

    • Yes, strives to provide relevant and meaningful comments tailored to the content of your posts.
  15. What happens if I encounter issues with the purchased comments?

    • If you experience any issues,'s customer support is available to assist you. Contact them for prompt resolution.
  16. Will others be able to tell that I bought Instagram comments?

    • prioritizes delivering authentic engagement, making it unlikely for others to distinguish between purchased and organic comments.
  17. Can I buy comments for multiple Instagram posts simultaneously?

    • Yes, typically allows users to distribute purchased comments across multiple posts to diversify engagement.
  18. Do I need to provide my Instagram account password to buy comments?

    • No,'s services usually do not require your account password. Be cautious of platforms that request sensitive information.
  19. Can I specify the gender or location of users providing comments?

    • may offer targeting options, allowing you to specify certain demographics for the users providing comments.
  20. Will my account be affected if I stop buying real Instagram comments?

    • No, your account will not be negatively impacted if you decide to discontinue purchasing comments. Your existing engagement remains unaffected.
  21. Are there discounts or loyalty programs for regular customers?

    • may offer discounts or loyalty programs for frequent customers. Check the platform for any ongoing promotions.
  22. Can I see examples of comments before making a purchase?

    • may provide sample comments or showcase examples on their website to give you an idea of the quality of engagement.
  23. Are there any restrictions on the type of content eligible for comments?

    • While supports various content, it's essential to adhere to Instagram's guidelines to ensure the comments align with platform policies.
  24. Is my payment information secure when buying from

    • Yes, prioritizes user security and employs secure payment methods, ensuring the confidentiality of your payment information.
  25. Can I contact customer support for additional information before making a purchase?

    • Absolutely, feel free to reach out to's customer support for any additional information or clarification before deciding to buy real Instagram comments.